Monday, March 16, 2009

The "Price" You Pay to Look Good

Is it just me, or has the phenomenon around Sex and the City taken the popularity of high heels and skyrocketed those to new heights? More then ever, high heels have become a fashion statement unto themselves, with each season bringing about more shocking, more vibrant, and more amazing shoes than their predecessors.

 But a three or four inch shoe can be daunting. And many cannot even begin to fathom the greater heights, as we push ourselves in to 4 1/2, 5, or 6 inch heels. With the pursuit of vanity (and great gams) come warnings, fears, and frights.

 DR.’S RESPONSE:  High heels are the nemesis of the astute podiatric surgeon.  Unfortunately, despite our best and well intentioned efforts to encourage the disuse of high heeled shoes, fashion conscious women continue to push the envelope.  I’ll give you an example:  Just yesterday I was at a boat show, with steps, docks, and people getting in and out of boat gunnels.  I saw a middle aged woman there with 6 inch heels, obviously in intense agony walking and hobbling along. Why do women torture themselves?  As a physician, I recommend the use of flats with an elevated heel of 1 inch.  If heels must be worn, I encourage my patients to use heels of 2 inches or less.  Anything more severely alters the biomechanics of a normally functioning foot.  This can lead to a shortening Achilles tendon, bunions, deformed toes, formation of a bump on the back of your heel, balance problems, sprained ankles, blisters, and corns.  

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